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FAQs about Private Sessions

Office session occur in West Los Angeles
Call for current location and schedule.

SKYPE SESSIONS (online via internet over the Skype platform)
or HOME VISITS (limited to the Los Angeles area)
might possibly be available. Contact me to find out.

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My approach is very educational. I don’t just want to sell you an experience that is followed by a temporary result. Mastery of the subconscious mind is actually a discipline and I’m interested in working with individuals who are ready to become a student of their own mind processes in order to reap lifetime benefits. For this reason, I work within multi-session packages only.

First-time clients will have a 5-Session package that includes one 2hour introductory session and then 4 sessions that run about 90 minutes each. First Time Client Package is $700

Existing clients will have a 4- Session package, each session running approximately 90 minutes each. Existing Client Package is $600

Sessions are usually scheduled one per week, so keep this in mind when planning to work with me.

It is typical for clients to experience measurable improvement after the first one to two sessions. The additional follow-up sessions are for deeper work and for reinforcement and to give results sticking power (longevity).

 A complimentary mp3 recording is included with each session.


3 Months (12 sessions) $1600
6 Months (24 sessions) $3000

Inquire for more details.

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Your first hour of the 2-Hour Introductory Session begins with an interview, so I can get to know more about you and learn about changes you wish to make that will enhance the quality of your life. The interview is followed by detailed information about SYLCAPE Method approach and hypnosis, instructions on how to train your subconscious to work for you instead of against you, and some mind exercises and/or preparatory processes.

During the second hour of the Introductory Session, I will take you through a relaxation process where you experience hypnosis that is highly customized to your personal goals. The entire session is a live, personal, one-on-one session and the hypnosis portion is recorded and made into a mp3 download that will be emailed to you the next day, so that you may benefit from listening to it in between the first and second session.

Additional (follow-up) sessions also include a brief interview to get updated information and a live, customized hypnosis experience, also recorded for your personal use. Some clients prefer coaching and NLP exercises for most sessions and hypnosis on occassion. Your session format will be customized based on your preferences and goals.

Before you leave, I will give your instructions on activities to continue at home that are useful for reinforcement.


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I accept credit card payments on-site or online via PayPal invoice.
PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Discover are accepted

Cash is also accepted on-site at the time of session.

Checks may be accepted once you have established yourself as a client.

It is important to note that most insurance companies do not cover coaching or hypnosis services.



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Single session bookings are only available for someone looking for general confidence or general stress relief to sample what hypnosis is like. For all outcomes that require customized sessions, I only offer prepaid multi-session packages.

If you wish to work with me for private sessions and are a new client, please contact me to inquire to see if I am accepting new clients.

I’m happy to do complimentary consultations via phone to answer questions if you are considering the purchase of a hypnosis package. To schedule a call, call 424-442-0699 and if you get my voice mail, leave a message that includes your name, phone number, best times to reach you during the day, and the issue(s) you’d like to work on in our sessions. I’ll make every attempt to return your call at the time that works best for you and to answer any question you have.


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All clients are seen on an appointment basis upon a prepaid purchase.

In-office private sessions are scheduled only on select days. Call for the current available schedule

phone 424.442.0699.

Existing clients & existing-client referrals have priority booking.
Other off-site sessions such as Skype or home visits (in the L.A. area only) might possibly be available, call to inquire.



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I specialize in SYLCAPE Method Coaching & Hypnosis. Instead of working on one behavior, I empower clients to transform multiple life areas.

Reasons a person might work with me include:

  • To overcoming heartbreak and get back into love
    (ask about my specialty offering: Breakup Recovery Miracle session package)
  • To attract love or get clarity on a relationship (relationship confidence / dating confidence)
    (ask about my specialty program offering: Love Boost package or Love Miracle Mastery VIP)
  • General self-improvement such as
    – to overcoming fears/worry/confidence-building related to specific goals/projects/life events
    – to breaking bad habits (procrastination, worrisome thoughts, compulsive eating, smoking) & form healthy habits-          – to ignite your career/business, motivate action, get clarity, enhance/increase creativity
    – to get stress relief and learn stress management techniques

I also specialize in Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis, Archetype Wisdom Ceremonies & Archetype Wisdom Readings.
For more information on Archetype Wisdom offerings, CLICK HERE.

Hypnosis services I DO NOT offer:

– Past Life Regression or Life Between Lives Regression – but I can refer you to practitioners who offer this.

– A Hypnosis Stage Show for Entertainment – but I can refer you to talented stage hypnotists who do this.

Training other coaches/hypnotists:
A 2-Day Archetype Wisdom Certification course will be available in 2019. CLICK HERE for more information on Aw Certification.

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While I cannot reveal the identity of my clients (including you, should you become a client), I can tell you that I’ve worked with some very respected and talented individuals, some of which are internationally known in their respective fields, and some of those include award-winning actors and singers, many of which have used hypnosis techniques to secure bookings or improve performances.

I have conducted sessions with professional actors, book authors, professional singers, film and tv producers/directors, painters, screenplay writers, models, comedians, choreographers, educators, massage therapists, nurses, bankers, acupuncturists, attorneys, students, fitness instructors, athletes, entrepreneurs, psychologists, marketing specialists, sales reps, owners of retail businesses, information technology (IT) specialists, other talented hypnotists, and more.

Sessions are customized to your goals, including professional goals, should you be working on that life area.

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