SYLCAPÉ Method Packages

Private Session Package: SYLCAPÉ Method Sessions (New Client) $700 Includes 1 2-hour Intro Session +  4 1-hour sessions Sessions can be co [...]
Jen Wilding, CH

Jen Wilding, CH: hypnotist – educator – activist

About Me Hypnotist I received my hypnotist certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists after training with award-winning hypnotis [...]

The Reset Podcast

Podcast topics are related to hypnosis and the subconscious mind. The podcast is also popular among ASMR enthusiasts who enjoy a gentle voic [...]

About Hypnosis

Click on the question to reveal the answer. [...]


Jen, I just wanted to thank you because I had a great flight there and back and I wanted to let you know what happened. On the first flight, [...]

The Overcoming Fear Package

The Overcome Fear Package $350                       Say Goodbye to Your Fear (Specia [...]

Introductory Session – New Clients

                          Introductory Session for New Clients $250 1 2-hou [...]


Get a Subconscious Edge on Your Performance This package is ideal for actors, comedians, and writers. Do you suffer from audition anxiety? H [...]

Breakup Recovery & Love Boost Packages

Private Session Package (New Client) $700 Includes 1 2-hour Intro Session +  4 1-hour sessions Sessions can be complete either in-person on [...]

BreakUp Recovery Miracle

Heartbreak happens. Sometimes getting over it’s relatively easy and other times it’s hell and you wonder how you could ever get [...]

The Stop Smoking Package

Say Goodbye to Cigarettes (Special 2 session package) The “Stop Smoking” Package   – $350 It may feel like a very physic [...]

Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis

An Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis session is a 3-hour creative journey to experience into the deepest character profiles within your subconscious [...]
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