Archetype Wisdom™

An Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis Session™ is a guided meditation into trance to experience introductions to the deepest character profiles wit [...]

The Game of Hidden Messages

Are you playing The GOHM? The objective of The Game of Hidden Messages is to create strong beliefs and expectations that a particular experi [...]

The Gratitude Journal Challenge

If there was such a thing as a gratitude marathon, this would be it. The Gratitude Journal Challenge is a conscious activity for those who w [...]

House of Emotions

House of Emotions Did you know our emotions have a subconscious architecture? The House of Emotions metaphor is a powerful tool used to gain [...]

About Hypnosis

Click on the question to reveal the answer. [...]


Jen, I just wanted to thank you because I had a great flight there and back and I wanted to let you know what happened. On the first flight, [...]
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