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Jen Wilding, CH

Jen Wilding, CH: hypnotist – educator – activist

Training I received my Hypnotist Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists after training with award-winning hypnotist Linda Wi [...]

The Reset Podcast


About Hypnosis

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I tried a session with Jen purely out of curiosity.  I wasn’t sure what to expect- maybe a bolt of lightening from the heavens or som [...]
hypnosis package

Calm, Relaxed Confidence – Hypnosis Package

Remove fear, chronic worry habits, stress and post-trauma emotion. Gain confidence, a sense of security, learn techniques to maintain emotio [...]

Ignite Your Career / Business – Hypnosis Package

IGNITE YOUR CAREER / BUSINESS – HYPNOSIS PACKAGE Hypnotist Jen Wilding uses her signature SYLCAPÉ Method to put your career or busine [...]

Breakup Recovery Miracle Package

Breakup Recovery Miracle Program™ Private Session Package One of Jen Wilding’s signature hypnosis programs involves 6 weeks of inten [...]

BreakUp Recovery Miracle

Heartbreak happens. Sometimes getting over it’s relatively easy and other times it’s hell and you wonder how you could ever get [...]

Healthy Habits – Hypnosis Packages

 With Hypnosis and NLP, you can: >>Stop Smoking >>Stop Binge Eating …and get on with enjoying your life   Say Goodby [...]

Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis

An Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis session is a 3-hour creative journey to experience into the deepest character profiles within your subconscious [...]

For Industry Professionals

  You can list your practice / course / show / organization profile free of charge on the below website (click logo to visit)   &n [...]
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